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Click here to access a very good website devoted to the Vee-Jay records story, including an interview with A&R man Calvin Carter, the brother of Vee-Jay founder Vivian Carter.

Click here for Vee-Jay's Wikipedia page.

Click here for Vee-Jay founder Vivian Carter's Wikipedia page.

Below are Youtube videos of twenty or so of Vee-Jay's incredible hits catalogue ranging from 1955 to 1966. The below are not in chronological order but are roughly placed within the first and second decades that the label spanned. Apologies for the commercials that precede some of the songs.

I thought I'd start in 1964 (relatively late in the label's lifespan) with Betty Everett's iconic 'Shoop-Shoop Song' ('It's In His Kiss')--arguably Vee-Jay's iconic recording--and then flashback to the label's beginnings. The reason for this is that the record was literally a summation of all the elements that Vee-Jay pioneered in popular music recording--Doo-Wop, R&…